Monday, August 24, 2009

How do we determine the internal and external world using perception?

The Brain and Sense Perception

The results of an anatomical analysis of our perceptions systems can give us a lot of information about how we really - in this case - see the world. But there are others factors.

After viewing the video clips answer two of the five questions below.

Keep Focused on the center of the screen

When reflecting on knowledge acquisition, knowledge claims, even just making sense of the world, this is the key to our thinking about perception - we are influenced in the way we receive the world.

In the TOK guide it is suggested that, "perception is the active, selective and interpretative process of recording or becoming conscious of the external world through sense experience", and therefore "this experience should be examined and critically evaluated."

But this does not necessarily tell the whole story?

Sense experience can be a misleading term.

1. What are our senses?
2. How do we define them?
3. Why only the external world? What is the external world?
4. Why not the internal world as well?
5. Where are the boundaries between internal and external?

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